Supply List

Dear LTESMS 4th Grade Families and Students:

            Welcome to 4th Grade!!!! The first day of school is almost here and we thought you might be thinking about what you will need for school supplies. Organization is key to a successful 4th grade year, and the following items will help your child start the year off right. If you have any trouble purchasing the items listed, please let us know. We are looking forward to a fun and inspiring year. For more information, please look at and bookmark our website:

LTESMS 4th Grade Supply List

Individual Supplies

  • 1 1½ inch binder (your third grade binder should work fine).

    • The simpler the binder the better

  • 1 pencil pouch to keep in your backpack.

    • Please wait to get a pencil box until you know who your teacher is.

  • 1 plastic 3-hole punched 2 pocket folder.

  • 1 Single Subject spiral bound notebook
  • 1 box of sharpened pencils.

    • Keep some at home.  Please do not get mechanical pencils.

  • 1 pkg. of low odor dry erase markers.

    • 1 marker in the pencil pouch; the rest are for replacement throughout the year (Keep at home).

  • Whiteboard eraser (this can be an old, clean sock).

  • Headphones or earbuds-whichever your child prefers.

  • 1 packet of binder paper. Keep some at home.

  • 1 book for in-class reading.

  • 1 water bottle for water only.

Shared Classroom Supplies Needed-Thank you for your donations!




Previously loved books for classroom library

Environmentally friendly cleaning wipes

Suggested supplies for home:

Colored pencils, crayons, glue, scissors, ruler, and small student dictionary,

Thank you for your support,

Melissa Benavidez

Jennifer Seely