Our World's Water Invention Project

Our World’s Water Invention Project

Scientists around the globe need your help. The oceans seas, rivers, and lakes around the world are being destroyed. There are many reasons why our water and the plants and animals are being destroyed. You’re being asked to do something about it!

The scientists are looking for students to use their imagination and creativity to help solve this problem.

They need you to invent a device, product, or machine that can help the fresh or salt water environments around the world. These inventions must be used to help a certain topic or problem that you choose.

This is an important project! Your choices and decisions could help save the planet and protect our oceans and seas.

Be creative, use your imagination, think differently, and save our waters!

You may choose to work with one partner. Partner choices must be teacher approved.

Assignment Timeline

-The following calendar will help you organize your time and meet important deadlines:

April 22-April 26: discuss and research problems facing the world’s water. Select the problem you will be focusing on and submit choice by April 29.

April 29-May 6: Research your topic. Complete graphic organizer as your research to help you keep track of what you learn. Brainstorm invention ideas.

May 6-May 13: Invention design. Includes detailed drawings and explanation of how it works.

May 13-May 20: Project write-up. See questions. Grading rubric will be given later.

May 20-28: Complete final revision and edit. Assemble presentation. Details to follow

May 29: Turn in project.

Class time will be given to complete this project. Please remember that if you do not use that time well, you will be required to use time at home in order to finish by the due date.

Ideas for Projects

Over fishing

Habitat Destruction


Oil Spills

Water Warming

Endangered Animals

Dying Coral Reefs


Invasive Species



Hazardous Materials


Access to Fresh Water








You may choose any of the above issues or come up with a different one. Make sure to select a topic that you feel passionate about. This will make it easier for you to stay focused and motivated.

Questions you need to answer

  • What water problem are you trying to solve?

  • What created the problem? How long has it been going on? Have people tried to solve it in the past? If so, what was their plan and why didn’t it work?

  • Why is this problem important to solve? (What is the environmental impact? How is it harming people and/or ecosystems?)

  • What is your invention? How will it work? What is its size and/or weight? What does it look like? What is the estimated cost to build it?

Invention Drawing

  • Must be drawn on 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper

  • Must be detailed. Label key features.

  • Must be neatly drawn (use straightedge, take your time, plan it out well)